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Sermon Archive

Sermon Archive

Our Biblical resources include a growing Sermon Archive. Copyright protects these sermons from being reproduced for sale or personal gain without the express written permission of the author.  However, the messages themselves are available to any who wish to download them for personal reflection or as the basis of group discussion.  The Bible is very clear about the importance of preaching – telling others about Jesus.

“How are people to call on the Lord if they do not believe in him? 

And how are they to believe in Him if they have never heard of Him? 

And how are they to hear about Jesus without a preacher?”

(Romans 10:14) 

“Preach the Word of God. 

Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. 

Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people

with good teaching.

(II Timothy 4:2-5)


Sermons Preached 

Date posted Title Scripture Preacher
December 2013 Christ Comes To Us – Through the Bible John 20:31 Dr. Eckel
January 2014 If My People II Chronicles 7:14 Dr. Eckel
February 2014 Listen to Him Mark 9:8 Dr. Eckel
March 2014 Christ’s Last Words – “Forsaken” Psalm 22:1-2 Dr. Eckel
April 2014 Womb of the World John 14:1-3 and 18-19 Dr. Eckel
May 2014 Wanting it All

Matthew 5:1-12 Ephesians 3:14-21

Dr. Eckel
June 2014 God Only Knows

Acts 1:6-11 Hebrews 4:14-16

Dr. Eckel
July 2014 Going Overboard 

Exodus 14:10-15, 21-22 Matthew 14:22-33

Dr. Eckel 
August 2014  Journey Inward – Journey Outward 

Isaiah 55:6-13 Mark 1:16-20 & 3:13-14

Dr. Eckel 
September 2014  Where's Home? 

Psalm 23,  Psalm 90:1-2,  John 14:1-3

Dr. Eckel 
October 2014  That Persistent Question 

Genesis 16:1-9 John 13:1-5 & 12-15

Dr. Eckel 
November 2014  Enthroned on the Praises!

Psalm 47 Revelation 19:1-8 

Dr. Eckel 
December 2014 In A Stable

Luke 2:1-20

Dr. Eckel 



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