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Changed Lives with a WORD from GOD

Testimonies that tell your Story.  In our new Website, this space belongs to you.  It awaits your response.  How has Christ changed your life?  In what way has the Bible transformed your faith walk?  Won’t you tell us about it.  One person’s testimony always blesses another.  Paul said “we are mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” (Romans 1:12).  Use our email address when responding.  Please try to tell your story in about 300 words or less. 

email: Biblefree@yahoo.com

Christ Changes Lives

Christ changes lives.  That is God’s secret – God’s gift!

Why is this important?  Because by nature we are all sinful.  Right now we’re part of a society that seems bent on eliminating God altogether. This is the very essence of sin – separation from God.  Against all the evidence to the contrary, people still imagine they can handle life better without God. 

Really?  Look around you.  Having neglected God in our personal lives and removed God from our public discourse look what we’ve gotten in return – broken homes, shattered marriages, dysfunctional families.  Our jails are crowded, pornography poisons our minds, violence threatens personal and social wellbeing.  What misery we bring on ourselves when our hearts and lives are divorced from God! 

We believe Jesus Christ changes our destructive living into His abundant life.  The Bible keeps telling us that.  It says, Jesus changes lives.  In the Bible we learn who Jesus was, what He did, and how He transforms rebellious creatures like each of us into children of God.  He said:

“I have come that you may have life,

and have it abundantly.”

(John 10:10)


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