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Biblical Materials

Biblical Materials

Bible Mission USA purchases thousands of Bibles and biblical materials each year.  In accordance with our Servicing Guidelines, we give these spiritual resources away freely to the needy.  We intentionally keep our Inventory focused on materials we feel are best suited to serve children, teens, adults and seniors in our community.    

The New Testament

    with soft and attractive covers

The entire Bible can be a bit overwhelming for those who are picking it up for the first time, or after a long time.  We believe reading the Bible should start with the Gospels, the record of Jesus’ ministry.  Grasping Jesus’ life, makes following Jesus clear and compelling.  

Gospel of John

    pocket-sized with eye-catching covers

John’s Gospel tells the moving story of Jesus.  This Gospel has been bringing people to Jesus for 2000 years!  But, then, that was John’s purpose in writing his Gospel (see, 20:30-31).  This attractive little book is transportable, slipping easily into pocket or purse.

Spanish Bibles and Gospels

     for those in our Hispanic communities

Latino communities are expanding.  The same Bibles and Gospels of John we stock for English speakers, have been translated into Spanish and Bilingual versions.  These versions enable Bible Mission USA to support significant outreach ministries among Hispanics.  

Bible Storybooks for children

    age-sensitive and colorfully illustrated

There are many Children’s Bible Storybooks.  We select those that tell the story of Jesus clearly and accurately for specific ages.  We focus on Jesus’ love and kindness especially emphasizing Jesus’ desire that children come to Him (Mark 10:13-16).  

Large-print Bibles

    sponsors are invited to financially support this ministry

Aging often affects eyesight.  For many, Large-print Bibles are an important answer.  They serve as a valuable resource in seeing the words clearly and reading God’s message thoughtfully.  These Bibles are more expensive and need the special support of sponsors.    

Anointing Oils

     vials of virgin olive oil, frankincense and myrrh 

Oils were used for healing in biblical days (Luke 10:34; James 5:14-15) and are still being used in healing services today.We personally formulate each precious vile.  Limitations and restrictions apply to these biblical resources.  Contact the Bible Mission USA office for details.   


Become a Sponsor

As a Sponsor your donation supports the purchase of biblical resources that are personally important to you.    

  • Does it tug at your heart to bless children with the story of Jesus?  Become a Sponsor dedicating your giving to Bible Storybooks.
  • Have you wanted to help meet the spiritual needs of our growing Hispanic communities?  Become a Sponsor of Spanish Bibles.
  • Are you concerned about the diminished visual capacity of many elderly?  Become a Sponsor providing Large-Print Bibles.     
  • Have prayers of healing been important in your life or the lives of those you love?  Bless others:  Become a Sponsor of Anointing Oils.    
  • Is your heart touched with the need of our Military personnel for God’s Word?  Become a Sponsor of pocket-sized Gospels.

Contact Faith Eckel at the Bible Mission USA office.  Let her help you plan a personal giving program by Becoming a Sponsor

email: Biblefree@yahoo.com

phone: 941-685-8514.



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